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Express services

You want to get maximum attention from job seekers and get the best applicants to Your job ad AND do it in the easiest way with less effort. We have launched new innovative solutions to save Your time and money.

Here are our suggestions about which solution would be most suitable to Your company:.


To expand effectivity of Your recruiting we suggest to publish job ads both in job site and Your own website. The easiest way to do it would be to insert job ads into CV Market job portal and ask for solution to show Your job ads on Your website also. With Your applicants, it is easy to manage them in Selection desk or You can order their CV’s to Your e-mail. The described solution is absolutely free of charge for You.


For marketing mix and for strengthening Your brand as an employer You need to show Your vacant jobs on Your website and use also job site. You may have a need to get the data from CV’s to use it in Your own recruitment system. Please ask for consultation to figure out the best solution for Your needs.


Your volume of recruiting is high and all solutions are welcome to save Your time and ease Your work on recruitment. So, for You we offer all possible information interchange options:
a) insert job ads into our job portal and then show out on Your website
b) insert job ads into Your website and then ask our system to publish these in job portal
c) transfer applicants CV’s or only data from CV’s to Your recruitment system After finding out Your needs and expectations, we can make You personal most suitable proposal.

Feel free to contact our friendly account managers Jaanika and Merje to ask for additional consultations. They are waiting for Your call or your e-mail: info@cvcentrum.hu.